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Amateur Radio Licence Training and Examinations with Telford & District Amateur Radio Society

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Foundation and Intermediate training courses are run by TDARS at irregular intervals; their frequency depending entirely on demand. House-bound, disabled or candidates with other needs will have special consideration by the course/examination coordinator. Please enquire.

There are no previous educational requirements, tuition fees or room rental charges. Examination fees are payable to the ‘Radio Society of Great Britain’ by credit/debit card using the downloadable form from the RSGB website. Cash is not accepted.

Foundation candidates MUST have a copy of the Foundation Exam Application Form, (EX200) to send to an address you will get instructions for. This will need to be done by at LEAST two weeks prior to the examination date. Candidates below 16 years of age MUST have a parent or guardian’s signature added to their application form. ‘Candidates can opt for an on-line examination, using their own laptops, or have a written paper. Ensure your EX200 form clearly shows the examination level you request and if an on-line examination is wanted. On-line candidates get their results immediately.

All students MUST have an up-to-date copy of the appropriate RSGB publication for each level. These can be ordered from the RSGB.
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Examination candidates are allowed to use a non-programmable calculator, but no books, papers or electronic devices (apart from watches) are permitted in the examination room. Two black ink ball point pens, two pencils and a soft eraser should be carried.

Calculations can only be written on the reverse of examination papers.

Written paper Foundation and Intermediate examinations have the Optical Mark Sheets checked and a notional mark issued. These OMSs are then passed to the RSGB for optical scanning. Successful candidates will then receive a pass certificate by mail and can then apply to OFCOM for a call-sign. Applicants may get their choice of call-sign, if it has not already been issued. On-line licence applications are free, renewable every 5 years to remain valid.

See the appropriate Training page for details of Foundation and Intermediate courses. For Full Licence training see the Advanced page.
Tutorials for the Full licence are available on application.

Enquiries about training & examinations should be made to the club email address please include a phone number for us to contact you.

Licence Restrictions

M3 – M6

136KHz to 430MHz
2*0 – 2*1
All Bands
50 watts
G – M0 – M1 – M5
All Bands
< 400watts

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